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Mano Ya Na Mano Release on dated 23rd August 2012, Real Ghost Stories (भूतो की कहानियाँ )Mano Ya Na Mano providing a fresh source of first hand images,information,and research into the world of the paranormal,it contains an ever growing collection of first hand, true ghost stories, classic photographs and images.

Real Ghost Stories – The Devil and his demons, ghosts, vampires, ghouls, evil human and animal spirits all walk the Earth freely to this very day. The reports by psychics and common people from all corners of the planet are unanimous—Ghosts are real. Some of them are evil, cunning, and manipulative while others are benign.

Do YOU believe in Ghosts? Do you think we, the believers, are weird or strange? Read on and you might just assent to our belief.

We, the people who believe, know there are many unsolved mysteries in this world. Those who don't believe say there are no such things as ghosts, spirits, demons, vampires, haunting, and so on, but rather strangely, will likely never agree to sleep alone in a graveyard at night. And some are even paranoid of the dark. What gives?

Well, I hope you will give me and my fellow believers a chance to convince you about the "cosmic unknown".

Since you are still here, good, at least you are curious. Or maybe, there is more to your curiosity than you care to admit. Please share with us if you dare.

Anyway, I want to thank all those who have sent me their stories. There have been hundreds of stories, and I can't possibly edit them all in the near future, so I ask you to be patient and to keep sending your stories. Some of the stories may not be featured on this website but may end up in my upcoming post.

South Park Street Cemetery

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South Park Street Cemetery
South Park Street Cemetery

South Park Street Cemetery : Today, The South Park Street Cemetery is one of the famous tourist spots in Kolkata, The tall lush green trees, century old tombs and peaceful surrounding attracts various tourists and locales as well. Most of the graves here belong to British Soldiers. The cemetery is one of the oldest burial grounds of the city. It was constructed in 1767 and now believed to be haunt
ed. The reports of the cemetery being haunted and spooky are not in numbers, but there are a few who claim to have experienced something unusual after visiting the place. One report says that while visiting the place a group of friends clicked pictures and later they found a weird shadow shaped like a fist in front of the lens. Soon the weird things started happening with each of them, the one who clicked the picture had an asthma attack and surprisingly he wasn't and isn't asthma patient and the other had sever dizziness etc.



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